Our STC-System designs can remediate any of the following locations such as;

  • Aquaculture farms, hatcheries , or other facilities;
    • Land based flow through cultivation designs.
    • Land based re-circulated systems (RAS) like mariculture or aquaponics.
    • Land based live seafood distributors, seafood processing facilities.
    • Floating fish & shellfish farms or hatcheries; both private and state operated facilities.
  • Hypoxia or acidification zones in eutrophic estuaries, watersheds, lagoons, bays or marina’s caused by a variety of industries (agriculture & commercial); or topography.
  • Any industry that produces greenhouse gases and organic waste streams.
  • Any remediation company contracted to clean toxic & non-toxic sites of other industries.

Additional Benefits in using STC-Systems to remediate this eutrophic stream include the following;

  • Supplying high quality (organic certified) biomass for companies searching for raw materials for their proprietary products or processes.
  • The STC-System can attain an exemption status at the federal, state & local levels for its ability to remediate eutrophic water and has a low to no impact on shorelines.
  • Gaining public support of companies for their choice to operate “Greener”.
  • Attaining carbon credits or tax deductibles by having a neutral or negative carbon footprint “Carbon Farming”.
  • Some land based or floating sites with tremendous eutrophication problems that use our STC-Systems have the opportunity to produce huge biomass quantities that could be used as a feed stock for raw materials like soil amenities; bio-energy like fuel or electricity; or agricultural & aquaculture feed additives, etc.
  • There is NO waste from this process.  ALL biomass can be utilized as raw materials for one of the thousands of products in use today; or other processes.
  • Remediation companies that clean toxic sites with heavy metal ions & radioactive isotopes could also utilize & benefit from our systems.

If remediation designs require large STC-Systems requiring millions of gallons per day and have no space limitations; then greenhouses, buildings or floating structures called Pods can be used.  Over the years we have found that most parties interested in our STC-Systems have existing infrastructure and usually do not have space at their site for a greenhouse of any size or an unused building.

So in 2013 we decided to re-design our STC-System greenhouses to a more versatile, compact, and integrated production design called a Modular that can remediate tens of thousands of gallons per day or moreModulars are Turn-key production models constructed from shipping containers or refrigerated truck trailers that are easily modified to accompany larger tanks & layout to suit a client’s requirement of either one, two, three or four species depending upon the size of the Modular while providing desirable control over ambient conditions.

These self-contained units can be easily placed almost anywhere and integrated into existing infrastructure with space restrictions; or can be used as a stand-alone system in freshwater, estuaries, bays, lagoons, marinas; or any environment that may have nutrient loading that enhances eutrophic conditions.

We officially introduced our SSTC-System - greenhouse on our (this) website in July of 2012, on March 15th 2013 we were acknowledged at Washington Fish Growers Association website; www.wfga.net expressing interest in this technology. This link can be found at http://www.wfga.net/news/sea-plants-solutions-us .

In July of 2013, our Modular SSTC-System was one of nine selected out of thousands of international participants who submitted their “new aquaculture green technology” to the 2013 Bio Marine International Entrepreneur Contest held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The SSTC-System has been re-named since then and is now referred to as a STC-Sytem (Synergistic Tumble Culture -System).

Turn-Key Modular STC-Systems

Turn-Key Modular STC-Systems Come in Four Modular Sizes (although other size variations are possible) such as;

  • 20’ or 160 square feet;
  • 24’ or 192 square feet;
  • 40’ or 320 square feet;
  • 53’ or 424 square feet

  • Any site with flow through discharge designs, or RAS; would have the modulars delivered and quickly setup in one day because very little on-site preparation is required; although sometimes site specifics dictate some additional inffluent & effluent piping which would be previously installed before the modular is delivered.
  • For flow through discharge sites or for RAS sites; our hybridized seed stock cultivars of many different species either native and non-native of any particular region; would shortly be shipped.       

Which Species Can be Grown in These Systems

There are numerous species of seaweed that can be grown in our STC-Systems but so far we have grown the following;

Ogo (Garcilaria spp)  Photo Top Row Far Left.                                                                                                                                                     Red Spaghetti (Sarcodethecia spp)  Photo Top Row, Second From Far Left.                                                                                         Turkish Towel (Chondracanthus exasperatus) Photo Top Row, Middle.                                                                                                      Sugar Kelp  (Laminaria saccharina)  Top Row, Second From Right & Far Right.                                                                                       String Sea Lettuce (Ulva spp) Just 2-Plants Growing 3"/day 7' - 9' Long Photo right.                                                                                  Carola (Callophyllis spp)                                                                                                                                                                                       Wild Nori (Porphyra spp)                                                                                                                                                                                   Dulse (Palmaria palmata & P. mollis Hybrid)
Rainbow Leaf (Mazzella splendens)                                                                                                                                                          

  • To ensure sustainability of high productivity & water remediation of these turn-key modulars for our clients, Sea Plants Solutions will provide hands-on training & instructions, technical support with our proprietary biomass management protocols that will ensure long term sustainable production as well as; continued monitoring of the system via wireless technology; including upgrades. The cost of our services will depend upon the size of the project or modular size.
  • We are willing to work with clients who may want a Modular but don’t have a site-yet by offering them a space at a site we have available to us where we are able to expand.  This can include native species or in a RAS setup with non-native species.
  • Our protocols will ensure high value, organic-certifiable plants.  These organically certified plants will yield higher value in contrast to wild crafted or collected seaweed from nature.  Our high quality “Farm Fresh” (wet weight) biomass has been sold as food to companies that required high quality non-dried sea vegetables for their customers.

                                                                (All photos taken by photographer/artist Karacan Salkuci). 

Contact our Macroalgae Consultant for more information.
Tim Visi ~ seaweedguru@protonmail.com ~ (360)-670-3246