Photo right shows the inside our STC-System Greenhouse on Sequim Bay, WA.                                              Nighttime photo of Ogo & Dulse below.

We are a seaweed cultivation consulting business specializing in the custom design applications of proprietary land-based, sustainable, fully environmentally controlled, intensive seaweed production & phyto-remediation systems named “STC-System”.

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Our technology has enabled us to grow 143-metric tons of high quality seaweed biomass on land; while (cleaning) phyto-remediting 206-million gallons of eutrophic water from aquaculture farms and coastal watersheds. 

  • Land based seaweed farms-systems are far superior in so many ways than     traditional seaweed cultivation practices.  It is the only way to maintain                 sustainable intensive growth & maximum remediation capabilities; while              producing biomass (organic certifiable with our STC-System protocols) for         many developing & emerging markets today.
  • Land based farms are not subjected to the same environmental problems     that traditional seaweed farms have such as weather conditions, heavy predation by herbivores, variations in intensity of light, water temperature,        or fluctuations in pH levels; etc.
  • Our seaweed is also not subjected to any man-made disasters such as oil    spills, etc.
  • They do not need large shallow water expansive intertidal areas for              horizontal cultivation strategies; or in a vertical fashion around fish farms        and other eutrophic producing areas.
  • There is no need for seaworthy vessels with heavy duty equipment to work   with; and unstable surfaces to work from.
  • The insurance for a land based seaweed farm is much lower than a traditional one.
  • Land based seaweed farms may cost more initially but in the “long term strategy”; will cost less to grow, harvest & maintain the system and cultivars indefinitely.  Energy costs are low enough to operate on alternative energy.



Photo above show nighttime view of a short row of tanks with LED's over Dulse, Ogo & Wakame.

Bullwhip Kelp Growing Inside Our Greenhouse under LED's on Sequim Bay, WA                                                                                            

               Sea Plants Solutions

  • Eutrophication is a classification of water that is over-laden with concentrated nutrients such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus; and other compounds.
  • Eutrophication affects the ecosystems natural water chemistry in many ways including drastically decreasing dissolve oxygen concentrations in the water while increasing carbon dioxide. This in turn with other organic compounds; affects the pH balance of the water. Interaction and combined effects of these variables results in Ocean Acidification at its worst.
  • Recently scientists are becoming more aware of the importance of using seaweed & microalgae to combat this problem. Strategic use of seaweed cultivation is a viable solution for water quality issues such as the ones mentioned above.
  • Many researchers and commercial interests groups have resorted to cultivating seaweed in nature to remediate the surrounding eutrophic water in areas where it is a needed, such as the aquatic environments of floating aquaculture farms. Under these circumstances growth patterns of seaweed follows a natural cycle, fluctuating with change of season, amount of light, temperature and so on.
  • Then there are the land based aquaculture farms with flow through farm designs that discharges a eutrophic nutrient stream into the environment.
  • Land based RAS or re-circulated aquaculture systems; which have a more immediate or urgent requirement of removing this eutrophic nutrient loading of the water before it is re-used in the system.  
  • Usually they employ mechanical equipment to remediate this water.  Achieving the same results more naturally would be using plants to filter the water.  This process is called phyto-remediation; and we specialize in custom designed land based phyto-remediation seaweed farm systems. 
  • A controlled environment such as our STC-System-farm makes it possible to grow seaweed all year round, provide an environment that can increase and sustain high growth rates of seaweed producing high quality biomass; while aggressively remediating eutrophic nutrient streams.                         

                                                        Land Based Seaweed Farms!